C Programming Examples

In this section you will find some useful C Programs. These programs have been written and tested in Turbo C. In case of any queries, do post a comment.

  1. Program to add two numbers using function (Pass by value method)
  2. Program to add two numbers using call by Reference
  3. Progarm to calculate Factorial of a given number
  4. Program to generate Fibonacci series
  5. Arithmetic calculator using switch statement
  6. Addition of Array elements
  7. Search first occurrence of element in an array
  8. Sort array in ascending order
  9. Sort array in descending order
  10. Reverse a given Number
  11. Calculate Length of a String (without using strlen in-built function)
  12. Calculate Length of a String (Using strlen in-built function)
  13. Program to find whether a number is Armstrong or not
  14. Program to Demonstrate Typecasting in C
  15. Program to Demonstrate sscanf function in C
  16. Program to Demonstrate sprintf function in C
  17. Program to Demonstrate Pointer Operations
  18. Program to demonstrate Structures in C Programming Language
  19. Program to copy the contents of one array into another in the reverse order
  20. Program to perform addition of two 2 by 2 matrix
  21. Program to obtain Transpose of a Matrix
  22. Program to find if a 3 by 3 square matrix is symmetric
  23. Program to print binary equivalent of a given decimal integer
  24. Program to count number of words from a given sentence
  25. Program to create 10 different random numbers
  26. Program to determine whether the character is entered is a capital letter, a small case letter, a digit or special symbol
  27. Program in C that reads radius of a circle and calculates its area
  28. C program that reads a line of text into the computer and then writes back out in its original form
  29. Program in C to find weekday based on weekday number
  30. Sort character array (string) in ascending order in C
  31. Read a string and replaces every 5th character with “X”
  32. Program to read text from a file and display it on screen
  33. Program in C to display right angled triangle of star (asterisk)
  34. Program in C to find memory space allocation for C data-types
  35. Program in C to remove the last comma from a string

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  2. my best website for learning c language

  3. so good and happy with best answers

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    nice i am learning !

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    brilliant work by programmers

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    When I click on one of the 26 examples why does it not change the webpage on this tab but changes the webpage on another tab which has your website open.

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    very good website..!!!

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    how to write program using function to calculate equivalent parallel and series resistor ??i really need to know now..

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    great site easy to learn thanks
    can i have ur website on C++ and data structures

  12. plz class function ka program without array krke bataye

  13. how to write the program without array function with class

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    Best summary of all types of basic examples….

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    thank u author im done wit my c now….:)

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    Nice.. but i cant find string function

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    i need a program on ascending order of 3*3 matrix

  18. vikas chavda says:

    create a quee programfor following function using link list
    c.print left to right
    d.print right to left
    f.count no of node

  19. Hello!!!.I love programming C. please help me.

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