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Introduction to C programming 97

C Programming – Introduction to C Language

C programming is a language developed by AT & T’s Bell Laboratories of USA in 1972. C programming was designed and written by a man named Dennis Ritchie. C programming is reliable, simple and easy to use. C has survived for more than 3 decades. C programming language is a base to learn different programming language. If you want to learn C++ or JAVA, without the knowledge of C programming it becomes very difficult to learn these programming languages. Many major components of popular operating systems like Windows, UNIX, LINUX is still written in C. Nothing beats C programming in...

C Programming Constants, Variables and Keywords 51

C Programming Constants, Variables and Keywords

A constant, Variable or a keyword in C programming can be formed from any combination of Alphabets, Digits and Special Symbols. A constant in C programming is an entity whose value does not change throughout the program execution. A variable in C programming is an entity whose value keeps on changing throughout the program execution. However, it’s not a rule that the value of the variable will change. A variable value might remain same throughout the C program execution. However, the main difference between variable and constant is that we can’t change the value of constant in between the program,...

understanding c programming 45

Understanding the program in C

Let us learn the above program in detail. Line 1 thru 4: This is the comments in the program. It is called multiline comment. The text written within /*…*/ are ignored by the compiler. Line 5: This is another way to comment a text or statement. It is called single line comment. The entire line following the tag // is ignored by the compiler. Line 6 and 7: #include is known as pre- processor directives. It tell the compiler to include text from another file, stuffing it right into your source code. is a file name enclosed within angle...

c programming write text 2

Program to write a text to a file

We will write a program in C that will accept a string from the user and write the string in a file. In this program, we will use fopen function in order to open a file. We will also use fputs function which will write a string to a file. Below is the program:

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