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Learn C Online is a C programming tutorial site that will teach you C right from the scratch and in a very simple yet effective way. This C tutorial is for beginners who want to learn C programming and for those who want to brush up on their concepts related to C.

This C tutorial site will teach you basics such as constants, variables, and keywords followed by rules for constructing constants and variables in C. It has a detailed explanation of instructions in C, statements, and loops in C language. This website also explains C functions, arrays, structures, pointers, storage classes, strings, etc.

In order to help you learn C online with in-depth understanding, we have a variety of examples written in C language.

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Programming examples in C

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Why learn C?

C Programming is considered one of the best and easy-to-learn programming language. C was introduced many decades ago and it is still one of the most popular languages in the programming world.

There were many programming languages available to start with, like C, C++, Java, C#, and so on. To be frank, When I started with C++ as my first programming language, the initial few days were awesome. I started with an introduction to C++, then started with C++ basics which included statements, loops, etc., and then with classes. Eventually, things started getting complex. I was unable to cope with the sudden bombardment of programming concepts.

Then, I decided to make my approach systematic and climb the ladder step by step. Remember, my ultimate goal was to learn C++ but in a systematic way. I consulted my professor for guidance and he suggested I move step by step. He asked me to start with C and once I gain expertise in C, I should start with C++ concepts. C language forms the base of any programming language. I followed his guidance and started with learning C. I made sure that my C concepts are clear before moving ahead with C++. After a couple of months, I started with C++ and to my surprise, I found it very easy to learn.

Before proceeding ahead, you will need a C compiler and C IDE installed on your computer. This will allow you to write and execute the C program. Watch the below step-by-step instructional video/guide and install the C compiler and IDE on your computer.

How to install C compiler and C IDE on Windows machine

How to install C compiler and C IDE on Mac iOS machine

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