Program to write a text to a file

We will write a program in C that will accept a string from the user and write the string in a file. In this program, we will use fopen function in order to open a file. We will also use fputs function which will write a string to a file.

Below is the program:

void main()
	char *str;
	FILE *fp;

	//Open the file in write mode
	fp = fopen("write.txt", "w");

	printf("Enter a string: ");
        //write string in a file
	fputs(str, fp);


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2 Responses

  1. Beins says:

    What are the functions gets() and getch() for?

    • learnconline says:

      gets() is the function used to accept the string and store it in a variable. getch() will wait for a user to hit any key from the keyboard. Once the key is hit, the program will proceed ahead with its execution

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