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Introduction to C Programming 97

Introduction to C Programming Language

Resource download – C Character set PDF (Click here to download) The above video is an extract from the online course – “C Programming: The ultimate guide for beginners” which we are currently working on. Consider subscribing to Youtube channel – Aptuts in order to get latest updates on new videos and online C programming course. C programming is a language developed by AT & T’s Bell Laboratories of USA in 1972. It was designed and written by a man named Dennis Ritchie. C language is reliable, simple and easy to use. It has survived for more than 4 decades....

Learn C - understanding c programming 47

Learn C with help of an example

In this article, we will learn C by going through the below program and understanding each line of C code in detail. 1) /* 2) Program: 3) Addition of two numbers 4) */ 5) //Here it starts 6) #include<stdio.h> 7) #include<stdlib.h> 8) void main() 9) { 10) int a, b, c; 11) /*Assign the values to the variable a and b */ 12) a = 5; 13) b = 4; 14) /*Perform addition of a and b */ 15) c = a + b; 16) printf(“\nAddition of a and b is %d”, c); 17) } Let us learn C by...

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