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Reading from a File in C 2

Reading from a File in C

Once the file has been opened for reading using fopen(), as we have seen, the file’s contents are brought into buffer and a pointer is set up that points to the first character in the buffer. This pointer is one of the elements of the structure to which fp is pointing. To read the file’s contents from the memory, there exists a function called fgetc(). This has been used in our program as: ch = fgetc(fp); fgetc() performs the following operations: Reads the characters from the current pointer position Advances the pointer position so that it now points to the next character...

Introduction to File Operations in C Programming language 4

Introduction to File Operations in C Programming language

As we all know, the operations we perform via. printf and scanf, reads and stores data in the memory. But this memory is limited for use. If in case we need to read and store large amount of data then this limited memory can’t be used. We need to find some ways to store this data permanently so that we can read and write to it at later point of time. This is where file operations comes into picture. C provides us with the facility to perform File operations in C programming language. File Operations in C Programming Language: There...

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